CAD Systems: Don’t get anchored down and rely on one CAD system for your entire CAM programming needs. EZCAM is flexible and fully integrated to interact with any CAD system. You’ll find that virtually all CAD systems will generate the exported file types used in EZ-CAM.

Machining Wizards: EZ-CAM’s suite of machining wizards is by far easier to understand than any other CAM system. Our context-sensitive help, programming assistants and videos are extremely time effective. EZ-CAM’s wizards can be applied on all opened/imported CAD files. And with our new EZ-Wizard machining tab you need not go any further. Give us a sample CAD file and we’ll be happy to show you what our wizards can do.

Benefits: Need contours, pockets, holes, 3D surfacing, EDM, Turning and other machining operations? In the click of a mouse you are half way there. A few machining parameters later and your part is out the door – error free and accurately finished.

  • 2D Hole recognition (Auto center detection on 3D surfaces)
  • Complete 3D tool paths through simple surface selection
  • Feature Recognition – one click
  • 4 axis EDM – two clicks
  • Turn – revolve surfaces and apply tool path

We offer web based demonstrations and custom videos. Call 508-347-3222 today.

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