EZ-TURN + Alibre Design

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EZ-TURN is an advanced turning and integrated Turn / Millprogramming system designed to allow both turning andmilling operations to be defined directly from 3D data inone seamless environment. Turning profiles can be de-fined by slicing through the axis of an imported model and milling path geometry can be extracted directly frommodel features. Robust custom stock roughing, multi passprofiling, threading, grooving, drilling, cut-off, and bar pulloperations handle the toughest turning requirements. EZ-TURN also supports multiple spindles, turrets, and coordi-nate systems. Canned cycles can be used to increaseefficiency and reduce program length. Fully integratedmilling capabilities support both C and Y axis configura-tions and allow standard 2.5 axis milling operations to beperformed on the face or wrapped around a specified diameter. Advanced verification displays both turning andmilling together in a single environment, ensuring that anymistakes are caught before they reach the shop floor.

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