3D Roughing uses UltraHSM and Auto Refinishing, Spiral pocketing continous toolpath, click for more...

  1. 3D Wizard Roughing – Z step smoothing
  2. Pocketing with continuous Stepover
  3. Constant-Z & Equidistant helical step method
  4. Constant-Z Finishing – Checksurface Support
  5. 3D Roughing Using UltraHSM Toolpath

    3D Roughing operations using the “Pocketing” toolpath type now also support the “UltraHSM” option, previously only available for 2.5D pocketing. Constant material removal rate is obtained by feedrate optimization and circular cutting passes in combination with radial ramp in/out moves guarantee a continuous toolpath without any sharp corners. This usually reduces machining time and increases tool life by up to 10 times.