1. What kind of support is included within one year maintenance
    1. PC to PC personalized support
    2. Custom videos–Ask us anything and we’ll generate a video specific to your task
    3. Facebook Chat
    4. Video links, verses large video downloads, for your convenience
    5. Customer screen recording (Windows 10)–we help you troubleshoot by following your very steps
    6. Email support
    7. Phone support
    8. Library of training videos
    9. Post Processor editing services
    10. Product development
  2. EZ-CAM does not remember settings
  3. How can I move my toolbar settings and screen layout to another computer, or restore settings after an upgrade?

    You can save your toolbar settings and screen layout by going to the View menu, Customize, and Export a .reg file. Before you are ready to open EZ-CAM simply double click the .reg file you saved. Now when you open EZ-CAM your toolbars will appear. You can transfer this .reg file to another computer.

  4. Do you have post processors for my machines?

    EZ-CAM has hundreds of post processors to match a variety of machine controllers. We have accumulated proven post processors since the 1980’s. Everyone has different requirements as to how their machine code should look and behave. We are happy to tailor your post processors in the shortest time possible.

  5. Am I required to purchase maintenance each year?

    First, let me point out that you are not renting EZ-CAM software. You own the software and version number at the time of your initial purchase. Each year EZ-CAM is dedicated to make available major releases. In these releases are enhancements to make you more productive. The maintenance cost is only a fraction of the purchased price. If you skip a year, or so, there is no obligation to pay for each release you skipped. The price of your maintenance does increase, but only in small increments for each year.

  6. How can I benefit from High Speed Machining?

    Most people feel Ultra-High Speed Machining doesn’t apply to them, especially when their machine is limited to 100 inches per minute. Interesting enough it does apply. You will benefit from better part finishes, eliminate semi-finish operations, reduce loads on spindle bearings (and on ball screws), and reduce vibration. Constant material removal rate is obtained by feed rate optimization and circular cutting passes in combination with radial ramp in/out moves guarantee a continuous toolpath without any sharp corners. This reduces machining time and increases tool life by up to 10 times.

  7. Why does high speed machining option post feed rates so high?

    EZ-CAM strategically enhances your feed rate for return passes in pocketing worksteps that are using Smooth HSM (High Speed Machining). HSM uses the maximum feed rate specified in your post processor. Your maximum feed rate can be adjusted in your M-Build software by going to the CNC – Info, General section. We are happy to assist.

  8. How do I get a file to my machine?

    EZ-CAM will save your file to a directory of your choice. You can save files to a PCMCIA card, floppy disk or USB. You can send files through RS232 or Ethernet connections. For RS232 communications EZ-CAM supplies you with software called EZ-DNC Express. This software is used for either loading your program into the machine’s memory or for drip feeding larger files.

  9. The help files associated with context sensitive help won’t load?

    Microsoft has a patch for this. You can visit their Website at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607

  10. How can I troubleshoot RS232 connection?

    Be sure to match your baud rate, parity and flow control settings in EZ-DNC Express to the parameters in your machine. For cables over 50 feet be sure to use a shielded cable. Your cable pin configurations MUST be correct first and foremost—reference your machine manual then test for continuity. If your communications cable is going from USB to 9 pin make sure there is no yellow flag in the device manager, look for your communications comport. Be sure to install the driver for this cable. Sometimes simply unplugging and plugging your USB cable back into your computer will do the trick. We recommend a Moxa brand cable.

  11. Why is my 3D machining wizard greyed out?

    With every MILL PRO purchase you are issued a four digit .mod file. This ****.mod file must be saved in the C:\EZCAMW\EZCAMxx directory for each computer (xx meaning version number). Another possibility could be the fact you are in the wrong product. Go to the file menu in EZ-CAM, select New and be sure Mill Pro is selected.

  12. Why is EZ-CAM shutting down?

    Make sure your EZ-CAM software has been installed as administrator. Be sure your graphics card driver is up to date. Graphics card settings may need adjustments.

  13. I think 3D machining might be too complicated?

    In so many surprising ways EZ-CAM has made 3D machining easier than most 2D applications. You can produce complete 3D tool paths through simple surface selection. A few machining parameters later and your part is out the door – error free and accurately finished.

  14. How do I use complex solid models to generate 4-axis toolpaths in EZ-CAM?

    Our EZ-EDM module includes completely automated 4 axis toolpaths, using solid model recognition. We generate the wire paths and the machining all by clicking the top and bottom of the solid model.

  15. I have a live tooling lathe, do you support this?

    Turn/Mill machining is easily generated in our EZ-Turn package. We support the Y axis (with the click of a button), rotary axis, sub-spindles and two, independent turrets. EZ-Turn even works directly off a solid model.

  16. How can I shorten programs, replace small line segments with tangent arcs and optimize feed rates?

    FilterMAX converts point-to-point G-code toolpaths to tangent arc moves or NURBS, resulting in files that are up to 98% shorter. Instead of cutting thousands of linear segments, the machine will cut tangent arcs, giving smoother surface finishes. Small linear moves can slow down a CNC Control’s processing time significantly; arc moves generated by FilterMAX eliminate this delay allowing the machine to run much faster. Feed rates can also be optimized for sharp corner deceleration.


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