About Us

Who We Are

EZ-CAM was one of the first PC based CAM systems to enter the market in 1982. To this day it continues to offer innovative, productive, affordable manufacturing solutions. From simple and easy to use 2 axis milling and turning to full 3 and 4 axis Milling, Mill/Turn, 5 axis Wire EDM and arc G-code Optimization.

Mission Statement

  • To offer the easiest to learn and use CAD CAM systems to our customers
  • To excel as the best value for the money system by offering high productivity features for a reasonable cost
  • To serve our 40 year user base with timely upgrades addressing their suggestions for product enhancements
  • To provide personalized unlimited support for all customers with the latest version of the product
  • To supply the best machine code with customization of proven post processors
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