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Import/Export DXF/DWG/IGES
Wireframe Geometry Creation and Editing
Basic Dimensioning
Basic Engraving
Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation
Multiple Layers and Colors
Multiple Construction / Machining Coord. Sys.
Silhouette Boundary Curve Creation
Advanced Surface Creation and Editing
Copy/Paste from Rhino (Solids Modeling & Design)
Single and Multi-pass Profiling
3D Profiling
Thread Milling
ZigZag Pocketing
Offset Pocketing
UltraHSM Pocketing ( High Speed Machining)
Curve Machining Wizard
XYUV - Form Tool - Punch/Die Cycles
Tapered Tool & Wall Support
Standard Holemaking Canned Cycle Support
Rotary Axis Indexing (4th & 5th Axis)
Rotary Axis Wrapping
Equidistant Finishing
Automatic Constant Z Re-Roughing
Multi Surface Projection Machining
Constant Z Roughing
Constant Z Finishing
Equidistant Re-Finishing
Pencil Milling
Rough Turning/Facing/Boring from Cylindrical Stock
Rough Turning/Facing/Boring from Custom Stock
Canned Cycle Roughing Support
Custom Auxiliary,Bar Pull and Cut-Off Cycles
Drilling/Threading/Grooving/Long Hand&Canned Cyc.
Toolpath Repetitions - Translate/Rotate/Mirror
Graphic Toolpath Verification Plotting
Solids Simulation Toolpath Verification
Dynamic Viewing Controls
Tool Library
Material Library
Integrated Spreadsheet Operations Manager
Library of Posts
Post Processor Editor
Visual Basic Automation Interface
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