Looking to achieve maximum speed from your EZ-CAM, CAD/CAM programming system?

It’s here! We allow you to build custom toolbars, assign custom mouse commands, and let’s not forget, organize your spread sheet for faster editing. Imagine, in a simple key stroke, or the click of a mouse, your awaiting commands appear directly at your cursor. No more dragging your mouse across what seems to be miles of screen space. Without the customization of your interface you’re weighed down, and what should frustrate you can easily go away. Lack of this customization is equal to your machine cutting air at least in the programming world.

Ever learn to type, or are you real familiar navigating around a keyboard?

wasdIt takes training to master that skill, but not so with the functions found in EZ-CAM. With a few temporary notes in front of you, reminding you what key controls this, and what mouse click controls that, it’s easy to learn.

Our customization allows you to be more proficient at your job and impress any onlookers. Some keyboards highlight certain keys representing popular shortcuts. This allows your eye to capture these keys in less than a second and streamline your hand to board coordination.


mouseA programmable mouse is very affordable, especially considering the return on investment. Using this in conjunction with your keyboard provides you with maximum programming speed. Most programmable mice allow you to have multiple profiles. This enables you to customize certain mouse clicks within EZ-CAM and go back to default mouse clicks when working outside EZ-CAM. You might find a programmable mouse faster than using the keyboard, due to the fact your mouse is always in your hand.

So let’s not go to the toolbar, let’s have the toolbar come to us. And don’t forget to check out our newsletter on the spread sheet, you’re sure to see its benefits mentioned there. EZ-CAM is not only dedicated to optimizing the toolpath for your machine, but we’re also dedicated to improving your programming environment and what it takes to feed your machine. “Let us program your machine for you!




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