The EZ-CAM Express family of products offers an integrated design and 2-axis machining system at an affordable price. These streamlined applications are packed with over twenty years of G-code programming experience and CNC know-how, and contain all the essential features of the standard EZ-CAM products. The powerful geometry construction tools are easy to learn and use, and multiple import/export options including DXF and IGES allow existing CAD systems to be readily companioned.

What's New in Ezcam v2018 ?


EZ-CAM Express, it’s a great way to start programming… today !

ez-turn-express-overviewWe have 2 different levels of turning functionality depending on your needs. Our lowest priced product is EZ-TURN Express. It offers robust standard 2 axis turning functionality including rough turning, facing, boring, threading, grooving, and more. It allows you to import geometry via IGES/DXF/DWG, or you can create it using the powerful geometry toolbox. A library of post processors for popular machines is also included along with a utility that allows you to modify them or create your own. An NC Text editor allows you to perform editing operations such as renumber, and the built in DNC communications allow the program to be sent to the machine.

EZ-TURN Express sells for $995, or it can be purchased with EZ-MILL Express as a combination package for $1495.

The next step up is our standard EZ-TURN product, which includes all the EZ-TURN Express functionality plus solid simulation/verification, custom stock boundary definition, live tool milling and drilling on the OD or face, and more.

NEW!… EZ-TURN Express
A simplified version of our popular EZ-Turn program at a great price ONLY $995

EZ-Turn Express Machining Cycles
include Pocketing with unlimited islands, Hole Patterns and Lettering

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The wide array of intuitive CAD functions are the basis of what makes EZ-CAM the easiest to use CAM system available today. Dynamic Preview, one-click trimming, dimensioning, 25 level Undo/Redo and mathematical function plotting are just a few examples of EZ-CAM’s state-of-the-art CAD features. Creating any shape is easy with over one hundred geometric construction cases supported. Or you can simply import IGES, DXF or DWG geometry files.



Just choose a machining cycle and set parameters. Machining cycles include pocketing with unlimited islands, multi-pass contouring, peck-drilling, tapping, lettering and much more. Automatic chaining lets you quickly assign a toolpath to geometry with just one click. And you can edit, move, rotate, mirror and copy geometry and toolpaths. EZ-Turn Express gives you maximum flexibility for making program changes with minimal effort.



You can simulate the toolpath at any time during the programming process. View each move of the tool step-by-step or all at once, from any view. You can review and edit all operation parameters in a spreadsheet format and check estimat cutting times. When everything is verified one of our 200+ post processors to output error-free machine code with just one click

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Product Comparison Chart

Import/Export DXF/DWG/IGES
Wireframe Geometry Creation and Editing
Basic Dimensioning
Basic Engraving
Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation
Multiple Layers and Colors
Multiple Construction / Machining Coord. Sys.
Silhouette Boundary Curve Creation
Advanced Surface Creation and Editing
Copy/Paste from Rhino (Solids Modeling & Design)
Single and Multi-pass Profiling
3D Profiling
Thread Milling
ZigZag Pocketing
Offset Pocketing
UltraHSM Pocketing ( High Speed Machining)
Curve Machining Wizard
XYUV - Form Tool - Punch/Die Cycles
Tapered Tool & Wall Support
Standard Holemaking Canned Cycle Support
Rotary Axis Indexing (4th & 5th Axis)
Rotary Axis Wrapping
Equidistant Finishing
Automatic Constant Z Re-Roughing
Multi Surface Projection Machining
Constant Z Roughing
Constant Z Finishing
Equidistant Re-Finishing
Pencil Milling
Rough Turning/Facing/Boring from Cylindrical Stock
Rough Turning/Facing/Boring from Custom Stock
Canned Cycle Roughing Support
Custom Auxiliary,Bar Pull and Cut-Off Cycles
Drilling/Threading/Grooving/Long Hand&Canned Cyc.
Toolpath Repetitions - Translate/Rotate/Mirror
Graphic Toolpath Verification Plotting
Solids Simulation Toolpath Verification
Dynamic Viewing Controls
Tool Library
Material Library
Integrated Spreadsheet Operations Manager
Library of Posts
Post Processor Editor
Visual Basic Automation Interface
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Please click to check for downloads

EZ-TURN Express v2018 Setup installs full version, posts 15 lines
EZ-MILL Express Tutorial 1, PDF file (2mb.)
EZ-MILL Express Tutorial 2, PDF file (2mb.)
EZ-TURN Express Tutorial, PDF file (2mb.)
EZ-CAM Brochure in PDF format (1mb.)
EZ-MIlL / EZ-TURN Express Brochure (1mb.)
Whats New in v2018, PDF file

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