EZ-MILL is a full featured milling system containing many advanced capabilities normally associated with more expensive systems. It includes all the EZ-MILL Express functionality plus Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation, 2,5D milling operations applied to imported solid models, 4th axis indexing/wrapping and a 3D profiling cycle. Also included is the Optimize Curve command to simplify curves by fitting tangent arcs to polyline segments. Robust data translators allow part models to be imported from virtually any CAD system, and powerful geometry extraction tools make prismatic machining from 3D data a simple task. EZ-CAM's unique integrated spreadsheet enables you to view all operation parameters at a glance, and the associative toolpath generation allows you to update your toolpaths with just a single click.

What's New in Ezcam v2018 ?


EZMILL, all the functionality you need at a great price!

EZ-MILL Sample PartWe have 3 different levels of milling functionality depending on your needs. Our lowest priced product is EZ-MILL Express. It offers robust 2.5D operations such as pocketing, contouring, lettering, and more. It allows you to import geometry via IGES/DXF/DWG or you can create it using the powerful geometry toolbox.

The next step up is our standard EZ-MILL product, which includes all the EZ-MILL Express functionality plus Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation, 2,5D milling operations applied to imported solid models, 4th axis indexing/wrapping, a 3D profiling cycle. Also included is the Optimize Curve command to simplify curves by fitting tangent arcs to polyline segments.

The top level Milling product is EZ-MILL Pro and it includes all the functionality of EZ-MILL plus surface creation and machining capabilities. 3D Surface Machining Wizard combines 12 different Roughing, Re-Roughing and Finishing strategies under a new and simple-to-use dialog box.

Solid Modelling with RHINO
3DM and clipboard support allow users to directly copy and paste Rhino models into EZ-MILL

Feedrate Optimization
specify your target horsepower and let EZ-MILL optimize your feedrates based on volume removal rate

Product Details

CAD Features

ez-mill-cad-featuresThe wide array of intuitive CAD features are the foundation of what makes EZ-MILL the easiest to use CAM system available today. Automatic filleting, one-click trimming, dimensioning and mathematical function plotting are just a few examples of EZ-MILL’s state-of-the-art CAD features. Creating any shape is easy with over 100 geometric construction cases supported. Geometry can be created in any plane using the Multiple User Coordinate Systems. Import IGES, DXF, DWG, VDA-FS and ASCII surface files. IGES loading is optimized for importing all major CAD system files. Dynamic rubberbanding lets you preview the results of a command before completing it; and if you make a mistake, you can Undo/Redo up to 25 consecutive commands.

Surface Creation

Create surface geometry for virtually any shape with over 17 surface types including Swept, Ruled, Coons, Fillet and Offset. Specify multiple drive curves for swept surfaces and create three-sided patches in Coons surfaces. Advanced surface editing features include moving node point locations, changing link types, inserting/removing links, extending surfaces and creating triangular patches. Surface trimming lets you trim intersecting surfaces. The IGES loader supports NURBS and Trimmed surfaces. Experience realistic surface shading based on OpenGL! You can rotate a shaded surface in any direction and view it at various magnification levels.


ez-mill-machiningThe Pocketing with Islands cycle lets you climb mill virtually any pocket shape with multiple collapse points. For 4th axis users, EZ-MILL provides multiple work planes for indexing and supports 4th axis simultaneous cutting. All cycles use unlimited look ahead gouge detection to ensure gouge-free machining of all your parts. EZ-MILL means maximum productivity!

In EZ-Mill Pro you can flow machine multiple surfaces while interference checking against others. Or use the new Constant Z level roughing and Equidistant finishing cycles to machine multiple surface cavities with the most efficient path possible. Any 2D toolpath can be projected onto multiple surfaces, and any generated toolpath can be edited move-by-move.


ez-mill-simulationChecking for programming errors is now easier than ever with the Solid Model Preview function. Follow each move as the 3D animation shows your tools removing material from the part. You can zoom up to see smaller areas, control simulation speed, and even set translucency to see hidden features. This important feature gives you the peace of mind of seeing your parts run before sending them to the machine.


EZ-MILL comes with a library of over 100 post-processors for nearly every control available. And you can easily build your own post-processor files for virtually any CNC control with the included MBuild utility. You can also now output comments for both individual tools and machining operations.

Product Comparison Chart

 Ez-Mill ExpressEz-MillEz-Mill ProEz-Turn ExpressEz-TurnEz-Edm
Import/Export DXF/DWG/IGES
Wireframe Geometry Creation and Editing
Basic Dimensioning
Basic Engraving
Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation
Multiple Layers and Colors
Multiple Construction / Machining Coord. Sys.
Silhouette Boundary Curve Creation
Advanced Surface Creation and Editing
Copy/Paste from Rhino (Solids Modeling & Design)
Single and Multi-pass Profiling
3D Profiling
Thread Milling
ZigZag Pocketing
Offset Pocketing
UltraHSM Pocketing ( High Speed Machining)
Curve Machining Wizard
XYUV - Form Tool - Punch/Die Cycles
Tapered Tool & Wall Support
Standard Holemaking Canned Cycle Support
Rotary Axis Indexing (4th & 5th Axis)
Rotary Axis Wrapping
Equidistant Finishing
Automatic Constant Z Re-Roughing
Multi Surface Projection Machining
Constant Z Roughing
Constant Z Finishing
Equidistant Re-Finishing
Pencil Milling
Rough Turning/Facing/Boring from Cylindrical Stock
Rough Turning/Facing/Boring from Custom Stock
Canned Cycle Roughing Support
Custom Auxiliary,Bar Pull and Cut-Off Cycles
Drilling/Threading/Grooving/Long Hand&Canned Cyc.
Toolpath Repetitions - Translate/Rotate/Mirror
Graphic Toolpath Verification Plotting
Solids Simulation Toolpath Verification
Dynamic Viewing Controls
Tool Library
Material Library
Integrated Spreadsheet Operations Manager
Library of Posts
Post Processor Editor
Visual Basic Automation Interface
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EZ-MILL v2018 Setup installs full version, posts 15 lines per workstep
EZ-MILL Tutorial, PDF file (2.7mb)
EZ-MILL Pro 3D Wizard Tutorial (12mb)
Machining Solids Tutorial, PDF file (2mb)
4th-axis Indexing Tutorial, ZIP file (2mb)
Getting Started Manual, PDF file (6,5mb)
Whats New in v2018, PDF file


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