Post Processors: Our experts have a minimum of 15 years post development experience. When it comes to post processors not all CAM companies are created equal. Many lack the tools or skills neces-sary to produce the results you need. Why buy CAM software if you’re left hand editing their results. On top of that they charge for any post processor development—isn’t that why you bought the software in the first place? There can also be charges for each post processor you require. Not so with EZ-CAM! EZ-CAM includes a library of proven post processors that have accumulated since the 1980’s. We supply post processors to accommodate a variety of machine controls:

Haas FadalProto TrakDaewooOzo
DoosanJpaxHitachi SeikiEsabWinCNC
Allen BradleyLinuxSiemens FlashcutTiger
CentroidMilltronicsYasnakKomoMill Master
CharmillesOmni TurnCobraOnaThermwood

Post Processor Editor: EZ-CAM customers have been successful in developing or editing their own post processors. It is a rewarding experience for them. Although every purchase includes a year of technical support, which covers customization of your post processors, some users would rather take the plunge and do the editing themselves. With the post processor editor included, adjustments can be made in few minutes. Some of our post processors are developed through a visual basic type of framework. This advanced scripting is very helpful to get just the right customization you need.

If your machine is not listed above call 508-347-3222 and talk to one of our experts.

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