Let EZ-CAM be the first to publicly introduce custom, support videos. A provision that can’t go unnoticed. Our customers can’t put a dollar amount on such a remedy–and neither did we. There are no costs associated to this service. EZ-CAM includes these custom, support videos with your one year support and maintenance.

EZ-CAM Bypasses Training Videos

Everyone gets pressed to complete a project now and then. And there is nothing worse than being at a standstill while attempting to figure out a programming routine. Confused, most people would dig through CAD/CAM X’s training videos. Who has time for that? Or, have you ever talked to some technician who rambles off answers, all before you can even wrap your head around his first words? The answer to these problems became easy for us. EZ-CAM invests our time so you can save yours.

All that is needed from you is to e-mail EZ-CAM a file with a brief description on what it is you are trying to accomplish. We will set our screen to video, and talk you through step by step to demonstrate a solution to your problem. You are then given a link to review your video as many times as necessary; but most find that once is enough. There is no better way to get a clear answer.

EZ-CAM’s Video Service Ranks #1

We decided to spare no expense in delivering to you a complex solution such as custom, support videos. As experts in the CAD/CAM world, we know what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done. The videos produced meet the highest standards and provide you with skillful information. Because we have the knowhow, we provide a high turnaround on all videos.

Before buying CAD/CAM X, you should consider the fact it might be you suffering at a standstill. You can grasp EZ-CAM in less time than you would with any other CAD/CAM system. EZ-CAM provides free consultative, sales videos for any of your projects. We make it easy for you to learn what EZ-CAM can do for you. When it comes to education, and ease of use, EZ-CAM is #1.

“Let us run your machine for you!”

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