Feeds & Speeds: Most people feel Ultra-High Speed Machining doesn’t apply to them, especially when their machine is limited to 100 inches per minute. Interesting enough it does apply. You will benefit from better part finishes, eliminate semi-finish operations, reduce loads on spindle bearings (and on ball screws), reduce vibration, and bene-fit from longer tool life. Constant material removal rate is obtained by feed rate optimization and circular cutting passes in combination with radial ramp in/out moves guarantee a continuous toolpath without any sharp corners. This reduces machining time and increases tool life by up to 10 times.

Lean & Green: With EZ-CAM’s Ultra-High Speed Machining you can reduce the costs and waste of broken or worn out end mills. With non-stick tool coatings, and Ultra-High Speed Machining, you can achieve dry (green) machining. With EZ-CAM’s Ultra-High Speed Machining chips leave the cutting zone and all the heat is transferred into the chip. This cuts down on coolant costs, eliminate pollution and get rid of the smell from stagnant coolant.

Lights out & Multitask Machining: Are you quoting on jobs low enough to just win the bid? I can’t fault you for going after new customers, or going after more work; but does it have to come at all costs? To save money you must think like the larger players. I assure you when they run a production job they are cutting corners anyway possible to eliminate even seconds. You should apply that same logic–even if you’re machining one-off pieces. You have a great opportunity to make more money on deep cavity or multi pocket machining. You not only benefit on the time saved and extended tool life from applying Ultra-High Speed Machining, but you can turn out your lights or move on and multitask, “Let EZ-CAM do all the work!” With our new tool paths tool life is more predictable. Now you can rest easy and eliminate the overtime needed to get your jobs out the door on time.

Hard Materials: Are you most likely to bid on jobs that are either aluminum or plastic? Eliminate that fear with EZ-CAM’s Ultra-High Speed Machining; this is included in all milling modules. You can be more competitive, spend less time machining and spend less time stressing over costly roughing and finishing operations.

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