The Goal: EZ-CAM delivers the absolutely amazing simplicity of the conversational control. And at your fingertips you will design with CAD, import files, program optimal tool paths, and enjoy simplified editing. Retrofitting G-code machines with conversational controls might be your first thought, but then there’s the expense. The goal is to simplify programming, keep machines from being idle, and cut down on programming time. EZ-CAM is a onetime, affordable solution for your entire shop. We write programs for a large array of machines and interface comparatively to any conversational control. Machine three dimensional parts effortlessly.

The Technology: The allusion is to say it can be done faster at the machine. With EZ-CAM’s sleek design, and capability, a conversational control suffers insufficient technology. Maybe you already have a conversational control, or thinking about getting one, why not combine the power of the two–most EZ-CAM users cut parts their first day. By having EZ-CAM on hand you will refuse less work, and cut complex features at a lesser cost to you. Get from point “A” to point “B” with EZ-CAM and leave behind the stress of the days standing tirelessly at the control.

The Security: EZ-CAM’s layout is clean, meaning there is less chance you will forget critical information in each operation. Every CAM system’s claim to fame is to provide you with wizards, but how many menus and pull downs are necessary? For example, in a single EZ-CAM window there can be as few as two commands to answer to, a diameter and a depth. EZ-CAM’s intuitive and default settings allows you to skip fields, skip time-consuming preparatory functions, and confirm safe cutting paths through robust simulation.

The Proof: The simplicity you expect is by no means a limitation–so don’t be too quick to judge. We are able to compete against the best and put it to video. There are three levels of mill, EZ-MILL Express, EZ-MILL, EZ-MILL PRO; two levels of turn, EZ-Turn Express, EZ-Turn; and EZ-EDM. With clarity we will explain each module so you can be assured you will purchase the right product and understand its full functionality. When you desire to upgrade to a higher level you only pay the difference in product price. Consider the return on investment with EZ-CAM and increase your capacity. Call 508-347-3222 and put aside your reservations. A custom video tailored to your applications will speak volumes. . . . “Let us run your machine for you!”

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